21 Most Famous Jewish Musicians 

Jewish musicians have made remarkable contributions to the world, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. 

From classical compositions to contemporary music, their talent, and creativity have captivated audiences worldwide.

Franz Liszt, Bob Dylan, Gustav Mahler, Benny Goodman, and many, many others have made a significant impact on the music landscape. 

Their talent, creativity, and cultural heritage have shaped the industry, ensuring a legacy that resonates with audiences of diverse backgrounds.

Without further ado, let’s check these 21 famous Jewish musicians. 

1. Amy Winehouse 

As a child, the beloved British singer Amy Winehouse went to Hebrew school every Sunday, even though it was against her will. 

Naturally, her father would push Amy to attend it despite all odds. 

More interestingly still is that Winehouse felt more connected with Jewish family values rather than religion itself. 

2. Pink 

Pink considers herself an Irish-German-Lithuanian-Jew. 

While her father is non-Jewish, her mother is. 

For the 2022 Hanukkah Sessions made by Kurstin x Grohl, Pink performed her classic song Get The Party Started along with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and music producer Greg Kurstin. 

A real beauty that you ought to check out. 

3. Bob Dylan 

When talking about memorable songwriters, Bob Dylan makes it to everyone’s mind as fast as lightning. 

When talking about memorable Jewish songwriters, then Bob Dylan makes it to everyone’s mind even faster. 

Oddly enough, Bob Dylan had a period in which he gave up on Judaism and preached a brand new religion: Christianity. 

More interestingly still, is that Dylan changed religious ideologies once again, returning to his Jewish roots eventually. 

4. Neil Diamond 

Diamond was born to a Jewish immigrant family. 

Neil even got himself the nickname “The Jewish Elvis” 

The American musician has sold millions of albums in his career, being Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (Soundtrack) his top seller.  

5. Adam Levine 

Maroon 5 singer shared similar beliefs to the ones that Amy Winehouse had. 

Adam Levine considers himself Jewish, just like his father and maternal grandfather. 

Nonetheless, he strongly places his faith in the spiritual side, rather than the religious aspect. 

6. Gene Simmons 

Gene Simmons. The Demon; the very image of KISS, is Jewish. 

Flora Klein was Simmons’ mother. During World War II, she was persecuted by the Nazi regimen because of her religious ideas. 

Flora Klein was also a holocaust survivor, who would later move to the United States of America, where Simmons grew up. 

The rest is KISStory. 

7. Paul Stanley 

Gene Simmons is not the only KISS member coming from a Jewish family. 

KISS’ frontman Paul Stanley is also Jewish. 

It’s quite ironic to consider that a band led by two Jewish boys had their logo banned in Germany due to its resemblance with the SS. 

8. Lenny Kravitz 

American songwriter Lenny Kravitz is a particular case. 

In his own words, he’s both Jewish and Christian. More precisely still, he claimed to be “half Jewish; half black.” 

For Kravitz, both sides are nothing but the same. 

We don’t discuss astrology here, but the fact that he’s a Gemini really suits his “double-face-like” statement accurately, don’t you think? 

You don’t? Yeah, I guess you’re right… 

9. Adam Lambert 

The American Idol sensation was raised under his mother’s religion. 

Other than accompanying Roger Taylor and Brian May in the Queen + Adam Lambert events (and many other albums, participations, and collaborations); Lambert has sung Jewish songs for a synagogue concentration. 

10. Scott Ian 

Scott Ian is Anthrax’s guitarist. 

Originally, Ian’s religion meant “nothing” to him and his family. 

He even stated that “I’m certainly not a practicing Jew. I would never claim, “I’m Jewish.” That’s not the first and foremost thing in my mind, as far as who I am as a person. But I know a lot of Jewish history, of course.” according to an interview he did for Tablet in September 2011. 

However, both in Conservative Judaism and Orthodox Judaism, being born to a Jewish mother (just like Scott Ian) means that the son or daughter is considered Jewish. 

11. Charlie Puth 

Similar to Scott Ian’s case, Charlie Puth was born to a Jewish mother, which means that he shares the same religion. 

In 2019, though, Puth claimed the opposite in a Tweet that read: “Fun fact I’m not even Jewish.

Whether he meant it or said it as a joke we don’t know. 

Nonetheless, I do believe it’s fair to note that, even if someone is “legally” Jewish, they should be identified according to their beliefs, ultimately. 

For the purpose of this article, I think it’s okay to focus on both sides. 

12. Doja Cat 

Doja Cat started her musical career by sharing her music through the platform SoundCloud. 

She ended up becoming one of the most relevant Hip-Hop singers of the last years. 

13. David Guetta 

David Guetta could be considered the top DJ ever. He has collaborated with lots of famous musicians, including Fergie, Akon, LMFAO, Shakira, Madonna, and Lil’ Wayne, just to name a few.  

He’s a Jewish descendant from part of his father.   

14. Steven Adler 

Steven Adler was Guns N’ Roses’ original drummer. 

He played in the legendary Appetite for Destruction debut album. 

15. Beck 

Beck gained significant attention with the release of his radio single Loser in 1994. 

The singer also remains an influential figure in the music industry, always pushing boundaries behind conventional norms.

16. Jack Black 

You know him for his music, his movies; or both! 

Jack Black identifies himself as theoretically Jewish, despite being an atheist. 

Black has been the protagonist of many music-oriented films, including the classics School of Rock and Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. 

17. Joey Ramone 

Joey Ramone was The Ramone’s frontman. He sang on every album the band released, from 1976 to 1995. 

18. Lou Reed 

Reed gained fame as the frontman of The Velvet Underground. 

However, his solo career was also marked by immortal hits, like Walk on the Wild Side and Satellite of Love

His gritty and introspective songwriting explored themes of urban life, sexuality, and drug culture.

19. David Lee Roth 

David Lee Roth is known for his long career as Van Halen’s charismatic frontman. 

He has also released several solo albums. 

Some of David’s classics include Jump, Panama, and Runnin’ With The Devil, during his period in Van Halen. 

As a solo artist, then his version of Just a Gigolo has to be the most relevant recording he has ever done. 

20. Paula Abdul 

Paula Abdul has stated that she has always felt connected to spirituality, and not just because of her Jewish background and identity. 

Some of her classics include Opposites Attract, Cold Hearted, and The Way That You Loved Me. 

21. Sarah Aroeste 

Sarah Aroeste is a singer and an activist. 

She combines Ladino (aka Judeo-Spanish) music with other genres, including pop and rock.