31 Most Fun Guitar Songs to Play

Fun to Play Guitar Songs

Going on a musical journey with your guitar should always be an exciting and enjoyable experience. 

That’s why we’ve put together a fantastic collection of 31 fun guitar songs that will keep you entertained while you sharpen your skills.

These …

25 Best Intermediate Guitar Songs

Intermediate Guitar Songs

In the realm of guitar playing, the intermediate level is where the magic really begins. 

As players move beyond the basics, they hunger for songs that not only challenge their skills but also ignite their passion.

In this article, we’ve …

15 Easiest Radiohead Songs On Guitar

Easy Radiohead Guitar Songs

Radiohead’s musical legacy is defined by its unparalleled ability to push the boundaries of sound and emotion, creating intricate sonic landscapes that challenge both musicians and listeners. 

Often celebrated for their complex arrangements and thought-provoking lyrics, Radiohead’s catalog also contains …

15 Easy Metallica Songs On Guitar

Easy Metallica Songs on Guitar

Are you ready to unleash the power of the heavy metal guitar? 

With a combination of aggressive riffs, blistering solos, and thunderous rhythms, Metallica is one of the genre’s pioneers and masters of the riff. 

So whether you’re a beginner …

17 No Capo and No Barre Chord Guitar Songs

No Capo No Barre Guitar Songs

We all know that certain sports require physical attributes that some people just aren’t lucky enough to be born with.

You have to be tall or have wide shoulders, boatloads of muscle, big hands etc. 

And that’s one of the …

15 Easy Bob Dylan Songs on Guitar

Easy Bob Dylan Guitar Songs

If you’re a passionate music fan you’ve probably read quite a few articles about your favorite musicians and bands. I know I have!

And in my experience, the most common question that comes up in interviews is “Who are your …

51 Easy to Play Rock Songs on Guitar

Easy Rock Songs on Guitar

There are a lot of guitar players out there who would probably never have picked up the instrument if it wasn’t for Rock music. 

I’m definitely one of those people. 

While the style isn’t exactly topping the music charts in …

21 Easy Disney Guitar Songs

Disney Guitar Songs

Are you ready to embark on a musical adventure through the enchanting world of Disney? 

Get your guitar ready because, in this article, we have gathered the best Disney guitar songs that will transport you to magical realms filled with …