Are Guitar Amp Tubes Still Being Made?

Are guitar amp tubes still being made

Guitar amplifiers can be categorized into two main types. 

The first one is the solid-state amp. These amplifiers generate amplification with electronic transistors. 

They are, arguably, the most popular type of the two. 

The second option is the tube amp. …

Are Guitar Amp Footswitches Universal?

Are guitar amp footswitches universal

Guitar amplifiers often have options for footswitches on the back panel that give you a hands-free way to let you change the sound of your playing.

But the footswitches themselves are sometimes sold separately or if you buy a used …

Can You Plug a Guitar Into a Bass Amp?

Picture this. 

You go to rehearsal with your band. 

You get into the rehearsal room with your friends, and everyone starts taking their gear out. 

The bass player plugs in his instrument and starts to tune it. 

The drummer struggles …

Helix vs Real Amp: What’s Best? [Pros and Cons]

Crafting the perfect tone is a never-ending quest for most guitarists.

Especially for those that really care about it.

In the context of this quest, there are many discussions among players.

On one side there are the purists that only …

How Does the Transformer on a Guitar Amp Affect Its Tone?

Musicians are strange people, they are not only interested in music or instruments, but also in equipment like effects pedals or amplifiers. 

Today we will discuss the latter and the role of their transformers because many players claim that they …