11 Great Songs About the Bed

Oh, the bed!

Is it the best place at home?

I’d argue that it is.

And many musicians agree with me because many songs are dedicated to this utterly important piece of furniture.

With varying degrees of innocence, you will find that these are 11 of the best songs about the bed.

1. Your Body Is a Wonderland – John Mayer

Starting off this list we find this John Mayer song about sharing an intimate moment with a significant other. 

John sings of “swimming in a deep sea of blankets” along with his girl. But for him, his girl’s body is so beautiful that it hurts him. 

It’s plausible to claim that there is a thin line between pleasure and pain.

2. Never Gonna Leave This Bed – Maroon 5 

The title is the very first thing we think about when we hear the alarm clock every morning. 

Or at least that’s what we’d love to do when we hear that beeping at 7:00 AM.    

Although one thing’s clear, while we don’t want to leave the bed because it’s warm and cozy, in this particular case, the singer doesn’t want to leave because of who’s sharing it with.  

3. Bed of Roses – Bon Jovi 

Bon Jovi has many memorable power ballads. 

This one, however, is arguably the most popular one. 

The singer expresses his pain while longing to lay his loved one in a bed of roses. 

Sadly, he’ll have to spend the night on a bed of nails this time

It is said that Jon Bon Jovi began writing this song in a hotel room in front of a piano while having a heavy hangover. That moment was immortalized in the first verse. 

4. Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil 

Australian group Midnight Oil released this hit in 1987. 

In this song, there are no real beds, though, but metaphorical ones: Burning beds, which don’t let us sleep

Beds Are Burning deals with Aboriginal land rights. More specifically, about the Pintupi tribe.   

5. Let’s Go To Bed – The Cure 

Robert Smith wrote this song as a joke, with sarcastic viewpoints on sex

Despite the frontman’s unwillingness to have Let’s Go To Bed released, the track ended up on the 1983 album Japanese Whispers

6. BED – Nicki Minaj (feat Ariana Grande) 

A song about anticipating and willingly expecting a sexual encounter. 

Nicki sings to her man how she’ll be waiting on thousand-dollar sheets and strawberry lingerie. 

BED features vocals from singer Ariana Grande.  

7. Spent The Day In Bed – Morrisey 

Morrisey’s message here is to encourage people to avoid watching too much news. 

After all, he states that the news is a means for propagating fear and endorsing ignorance. 

Instead, you should spend the day in bed, with the TV off. 

8. Bedtime Story – Madonna 

Bedtime Story is a desire to be “unconscious”. 

More often than not, reality hits us hard. We may have a terrible day at work, or we may deal with all kinds of frustrations. 

In those cases, we long to reach the bed, leave logic and reason behind, and relax in the arms of the unconscious. 

9. Wake Up Alone – Amy Winehouse 

The most obvious Amy Winehouse song to mention on this list would be “In My Bed.” 

Naturally, since it is too obvious of a choice, I thought it would be better to mention an alternative track. 

Wake Up Alone also deals with a bed. Unfortunately, this one has negative connotations. 

Amy avoids going to bed so she doesn’t miss her ex. But she cannot escape fate so easily, so she wakes up alone in the end. 

10. I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed – Simple Plan (feat Nelly) 

For many people, beds are meant for sharing. 

Simple Plan exclaims that they don’t want to go to bed… alone. 

Naturally, the chorus is a silly half romantic, half sexual song about desiring someone and expecting to spend some time together. 

Sure, it might be silly, but it’s a fun song nonetheless. 

11. Breakfast In Bed – Dusty Springfield 

Lastly, we must mention this classic by English singer Dusty Springfield. 

Dusty invites a man to her room, to have a kiss or two, and share breakfast in bed. 

All in all, one could say that the bed has more than one use. 

In general lines, though, it seems that they all lead to the same result: to relax for a while.