What Is a Hardtail Stratocaster?

Strats are perhaps the most popular guitar model out there.

With many different iterations and newer takes on it coming every year, it’s not hard to get them all messed up.

HSS, hot rod, super strat, the list goes …

How Do Guitar Amp Half Power Switches Work?

Tube amps are loud monsters. We all know that.

But what if I told you there’s a way to tame these beasts?

In many modern tube amps, just the flick of a switch on their backs will cut its power …

Is Steel Wool Safe for Guitars? [Spoiler: It Isn’t!]

Time to clean your guitar up! 

A boring task? I don’t think so! 

It is nothing but an experience itself. Just you, your guitar, and your favorite tunes blasting through the speakers. 

Nothing can go wrong. 

Oh, wait! What the …

Why Do Guitar Pedals Go Right to Left?

Guitar pedals are quite simple. At least most of them.

However, I’d argue they have something that still confuses me to this day.

Something I fail to get right every time I get to mess with them.

And this probably …

Will Learning Piano Improve Your Guitar Skills?

The piano is one of the fundamental instruments of modern music.

Although it is not present in its original form in most of today’s hits, keyboards are still used in music production as the standard way of inputting musical ideas …

Are PRS guitars Good for Beginners?

In the music market, we can find loads of instrument options. Even though the most popular companies are Gibson and Fender, some other brands maybe even of superior quality.

Today we will break up PRS guitars, premium pieces mainly used …

Troubleshooting: Guitar Out of Tune With a Capo

Has this ever happened to you?

You finish playing a song with your guitar perfectly in tune, you in fact do a quick pass with your tuner to ensure everything is ok.

The next song you are practicing requires a …