31 Best Songs About Time

Best Songs About Time

Time is arbitrary. 

Yes, since humans found a way to measure it, it’s the only constant that has remained unchanged for centuries. 

Thus, we always try to understand, tame, and neutralize the effects of time on us.

As you know, …

35 Best Songs Of The 2000s 

Best s Songs

Musical diversity characterized this strange decade. 

New bands and artists appeared out of nowhere and quickly reached the top in their respective genres: pop, rock, metal, rap, and country. 

However, the 2000s also presented a combination of these genres.

Metal …

25 Best Bands of All Time 

Best Bands Ever

Image, lyrics, message, cultural influence, popularity. 

All of these factors affect personal taste. 

Of course, everyone has their personal favorites. But all in all, there are certain artists that just became the favorite of literally millions. 

So, consider that this …

11 Best Songs About Michael

Best Songs About Michael

Michael is more commonly seen in the artist name field than in the title of songs. 

We also are quick to think of some famous ones in a musical context: Jackson, MacDonald, Bublé, etc. 

However, the name has become a …

41 Best Songs for Valentine’s Day

Best Valentines Day Songs

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means – love is in the air! 

Whether you’re planning a romantic evening with your significant other or just looking to treat yourself, we’ve got you covered with …

33 Best Rock Bands Of The ’70s 

Best s Rock Bands

The 70s were a wild decade. 

The hippie movement of the 60s planted the key elements that would flourish later: rock music, free love, and liberation. 

Yes, the 1970s were of paramount importance for the world of music.  

Here we …

35 Best 2000s Rock Bands 

Best s Rock Bands

For this list, we’ll be taking into account two main factors: 

Firstly, and the most obvious one, the band began in the early or middle 2000s approximately. 

Secondly, the artists began by the end of the 90s BUT their popularity …

37 Best Rock Bands Of The ’90s 

Best s Rock Bands

The 90s presented a fistful of quality musical acts. And not even two fists were enough to gran them all! 

Here we have collected 37 of the most important groups of that decade. 

Consider that we have gathered artists that …