23 Best Songs About Autism [Updated 2023]

Caring for someone with autism can be a challenging experience, but most people who have loved ones with autism can attest that it’s equally as rewarding. 

Autism comes in many forms and exists on a spectrum from minor and functional to all-encompassing in a way that makes it difficult for the individual to function in normal society.

Luckily, aside from there being songs about autism, there are also a lot of songs that help to calm and soothe autistic individuals. 

Today we’ll be looking at songs about autism specifically, but I’ll pop in some songs that are good for autism at the end of the list too, just in case you were looking for both.

1. We’ll Get By – Johnny Orr Band

We’ll Get By is a song that asks us to understand autism and try to see it from the perspective of a person on the spectrum. 

It’s a heartfelt song that the band wrote upon being requested to by a friend with two children with autism. 

The song coincided with Autism Awareness Month as well and still resonates deeply with the autism community.

2. Numbers – Daughter

This song is about feeling in relationships and friendships where you just don’t feel like you can relate to the people in question. 

While it’s not a song specifically about autism, it’s a song that a lot of people on the spectrum can relate to: the alienation often felt by those unable to connect to most people.

3. Love is Where To Start – Meg Ford

Love is Where To Start is Meg Ford’s song from a mother’s perspective on the struggles of autism. 

In it, she sings about her own son who wants to be just like the other kids but feels the rejection for not being able to fit in. 

It’s quite a touching song because in it she sings about the relief of meeting someone who has the compassion to understand her child rather than judge, with the hook running through that we should start with love.

4. Rainbow – Matthew Lien

A touching song that uses the spectrum of light as a metaphor for the autism spectrum as well as a metaphor for sharing our light and love with each other. 

The song was composed, performed, and produced by Matthew for World Autism Day and ASD Care Network.

5. Not so Different – Cassandra Kubinski

This song was originally written for a family in New York (Kubinski’s friend, Vanessa, with 2 boys on the autism spectrum) after she discovered the challenges, red tape and judgment they’ve had to go through to get an education, treatment and other services.

The song’s goal is to raise awareness about autism and inspire people to join together for Autism awareness.

6. Unstoppable: A Song For Autism – Tommy Byrne and isabella Guerriero

written back in 2018 when Byrne went to visit Guerriero. 

This song was inspired by a family member of theirs named Anthony, who has autism. 

Byrn posted the video of the song on social media where it went viral and they hope that the song can be a voice for people of all ages. 

7. O.D.D – Hey Violet

O.D.D. is short for Oppositional Defiant Disorder, a behavioral disorder that the lead singer of Hey Violet admitted she has. 

The song is about not fitting in and feeling alone in your struggles. It’s a catchy and upbeat song that gives hope to those who feel left out. 

It becomes a bit of an anthem of strength that works well for people struggling with autism.

8. Henry James – The Nadas 

Another song that makes for a perfect Autism Awareness day track, Henry James is a song about band member Mike’s son Henry who is living with Autism. 

While they admit that it’s a difficult situation, with a serious condition, it has also led to some unique and special family dynamics. 

The Nadas make It clear that while living with autism is difficult, it has silver linings.

9. A.U.T.I.S.M – CupcakKe 

Cupcakke wrote this song in support of those who suffer from autism, feeling empathetic for the autistic people in the world who have ideas and thoughts in their head, but get shut down before they can voice them. 

She sings in her song that she wants them to know that they can always have a home with her, and tries to bring awareness to the hypersensitivity of those struggling with Autism to negative comments. Imploring us as listeners to be more discerning about what we say.

10. Let it Go: The Autism Version – Sarah 

Here’s the link to the cover mentioned

A fresh take on Let It Go, with a nice twist to make it relatable to people with autism. 

This was posted on social media back in 2019 and became a sensation at the time

Sarah isn’t a professional singer, but she’s not a bad singer by any measure either and this song is her sincere expression of living with autism.

11. My Heroes – Valene Greer and Jennifer and Peter Stevenson 

My Heroes is a song from the perspective of an Autistic child. 

The song is inspired by a young boy named John Stevenson and draws directly from his thoughts and experiences to create a beautiful piece of music about thanking those who’ve helped him along his journey and struggles. 

It describes John’s journey with autism and how he began to push his boundaries at age four, with John himself reciting a monologue in the middle of the song.

12. Until All the Pieces Fit – Kaity Summers

This song was written to raise awareness for autism. 

Written and performed by Kaity, it has an encouraging message for those on the spectrum, promising that one day the world will understand autism. 

Until then, everyone involved needs to stay strong for each other.

13. Yes I Can – Amber 

Another song to raise awareness about autism and the struggles that come with it. 

This makes for a beautiful song for people with autism to relate to. 

It lets us know that it’s okay to fall down or fail at times but we can still rise above it all if we try.

This song is a song of encouragement for when you feel like the world has just become too much to bear, and is a beautiful example of compassion for those around us.

14. Just the Same – The AutistiX 

What a cool band. 

The AutistiX is a band with a couple of members on the spectrum, and in this song, they express how we share more in common than what we differ on. 

The music video for this song showcases the band during recording and it’s so cool to see everyone having a good time together and making good music.

15. Firefly – Sophie Rose 

Sophie Rose is a 14-year-old singer/songwriter who wrote a lovely song for those on the spectrum. 

Giving a statement about her song, she said “there are so many children who are eager to shine bright. 

I hope this song serves as a beacon of light for those with special needs and inspires them to be the best they can be and reach as far as they can reach..”

The song is about being a light in the dark and sometimes doing so in spite of the world trying to dim your light. It’s a song about being resilient and standing up for who you are.

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