21 Great Hippie Songs That Are Timeless

Hippie songs

When you listen to the word hippie you might think of rainbows, peace & love, vivid colored overalls, bellbottom jeans, or even sexual freedom.

Although those aspects take part in hippie culture they are not the only ones.

Music plays …

23 Great Songs About Memories 

Songs about memories

Life is made of moments. 

Time after time; experience after experience; want from want. 

However, once those moments are gone, we do nothing but keep reviving them, but in our minds. 

Naturally, memories are precious gems that make us feel …

21 Great Songs About Prison 

Songs about prison

Reasons for not wanting to be in prison are plenty. 

After all, prisons are nasty places where dangerous situations take place. 

However, there’s probably but one main reason prisons are so fearful: they deprive people of their freedom. 

If we …

31 Great Songs About Addiction 

Songs about addiction

Struggling with addiction has to be one of the hardest experiences in anyone’s life. 

It takes away everything from you, step by step. 

This “dark chapter” in anyone’s life has been experienced by hundreds of musicians, thus, leading to some …

31 Great Songs About New York 

Songs about New York

The city that never sleeps – one of the most recognizable places in the world. 

It’s home to more than 8 million people and the most populated city in the United States of America. 

It has also raised some legendary …

21 Great Songs About Girls

Songs about girls

Since ancient times, the female figure has been a source of inspiration for artists in various fields. 

With the later arrival of rock music, countless songs were dedicated to women.

In recent times, not only men have been inspired by …

14 Great Songs About April

Songs about April

Ah, April. 

The wettest month of the year. 

Famous for bringing May flowers and housing the second-most-popular chocolate holiday of the year.

But April is more than just rain and Easter, and there are a bunch of songs about the …

12 Great Songs About Austin, Texas

Songs about Austin

Austin is actually home to a great many songs and artists, as well as places to perform. 

Mainly the city serves as a hub for country music but there’s a good list of songs about the city itself. 

Here’s a …

13 Great Songs About Blue Eyes

Songs about blue eyes

Argued as the sexiest eyes a person can have, blue eyes have been the conversation pieces of many a frustrated partner. 

“They just flash those baby blues and I melt” or “their steely blue eyes had me instantly” are lines …