Are Tube Amps Louder Than Solid State? Why?

A lot of people will tell you that tube amps are louder than solid state amps and watt for watt, they kind of aren’t, well depending on who you ask. 

According to some, it’s a trick of the ear and …

Guitar Amp Settings to Use as Pedal Platform

There are many ways of shaping your guitar tone.

Some players rely mostly on their amps, while many others craft their sound exclusively with pedals.

For the latter, having a solid pedal platform amp is a must, since they still …

Is It Legal to Clone an Amp’s Circuit?

Sometimes it’s hard to sort out exactly what is different under the hood of various amps. 

Especially with advertising getting in your head and telling you that only a certain amp will help you achieve your musical dreams

So …

What Is Depth and Presence on an Amp?

Sometimes the control layout on amplifiers is less than self-explanatory. You can turn a knob and hear a difference but what if someone asks what exactly it does? 

Music doesn’t always translate well into language and the terms used to …

Guitar: Overdrive Pedal vs Amp Overdrive

Pushing a tube amp until it produces an overdriven sound is one of the great pleasures of playing guitar. 

But it’s not always practical and although it sounds great it’s been done millions of times. 

So overdrive pedals are worth …