Guitar: Are Rack Effects Better Than Pedals?

Guitar pedals vs rack effects

Pedal effects are fantastic. 

They grant a world of possibilities, with some interesting results in sounds and tone. 

This is more interesting still when you combine one effect after the other. 

However, pedal effects are just one of the many …

Should You Buy a Guitar Tuner or Use an App?

Playing guitar is a joyful experience. 

Unfortunately, it requires certain considerations. 

To be more precise, we are trying to say that, if you’re playing guitar, then you’ll need to play it right. 

Playing guitar “right” is not a matter of …

Guitar: Buffer Pedal vs EQ Pedal to Boost Signal

When you run your guitar signal through many pedals it’s only natural that it will lose some strength by the end of its journey.

Buffer pedals are popular because they give an extra oomph to this signal that keeps it …

Why Do Guitar Pedals Go Right to Left?

Guitar pedals are quite simple. At least most of them.

However, I’d argue they have something that still confuses me to this day.

Something I fail to get right every time I get to mess with them.

And this probably …