17 Great Shakira Songs 

She began as one of the greatest pop singers in Colombia. Later on, she became one of the greatest pop singers in the entire Latin American region. 

Eventually, she took over the world, captivating both Spanish and English music lovers alike. 

She combined pop and folk initially but experimented later on with reggaeton, electronic, and dance, just to name a few genres!  

Shakira’s career is extensive and full of radio hits. Here we present 17 of them. 

And yes, we’re fully aware we’re leaving behind a dozen of songs! Goes to show how much of a talented musician she is.  

1. Gypsy   

Being a full-time musician involves spending a thousand hours traveling from city to city. 

Needless to say, Shakira has quite an experience living on the road.

So, it was a matter of time before she wrote a song about restless touring (and a good one!).   

2. La Tortura 

La Tortura feats Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz begging Shakira to give him another chance after he has cheated on her. 

It’s a great story where emotions clash, but even greater is watching this duo desire each other in the music video. 

It truly adds more tension to the story! 

3. Ojos Así 

One of the earliest Shakira hits comes from her fourth album “¿Dónde Están Los Ladrones?”, which came out in 1999.   

This is an Arabic folk-pop song that still stands out despite all the hits Shakira released in later years. 

4. Chantaje 

Featuring vocals by Maluma, Chantaje has the two most famous Colombian singers in one song. 

5. She Wolf 

In 2009, Shakira took over every radio station with this pop hit that presents some funky elements and even a violin solo.  

You know, just to make things more interesting. 

6. Hips Don’t Lie 

You cannot stop moving whenever you listen to this track. So it seems that the hips don’t lie indeed. 

7. Loca 

Shakira did everything. 

From folk to reggaeton. From Arabic traditional music to Latin pop. 

Oh, and she experimented with a bit of merengue in this one as well. 

8. Can’t Remember To Forget You 

Shakira and Rihanna partnered in this 2014 track that reached #1 on the Weekly charts of different countries, including the USA, Poland, Mexico, and Greece. 

9. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) 

The Colombian singer had the privilege to write and compose the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup that took place in South Africa from June 11th to July 11th. 

Even if you don’t like Soccer, you can’t say you don’t know this one! 

10. Illegal 

Carlos Santana was in charge of the guitar arrangements in this 2006 song. 

11. Whenever, Wherever 

It doesn’t matter whether you love this song in English or Spanish. 

What’s important is that you love it. Period. 

12. Sale El Sol 

Optimism is necessary. At least from time to time, and in healthy doses. 

Every time you cannot see clearly through your life path, remember to listen to this tune to brighten up your day.  

13. Underneath Your Clothes 

The singer has always shown her softer side with love songs like this one. 

Naturally, it’s one of her many love songs. 


14. Las de la Intuición 

It’s shocking to see Shakira with that violet wig in the music video. 

No, no. We’re not complaining at all! 

15. Ciega, Sordomuda 

A bit of a hidden gem for people who took no notice of Shakira’s first albums. 

Although Ciega, Sordomuda is not nearly as popular as other Spanish-sung hits, this one remains a classic in the entire Latin America region. 

16. Perro Fiel 

Nicky Jam originally wrote this song for his album Fénix

In the end, he gave it to Shakira, who finished writing the lyrics and published it on the album El Dorado

Both artists, however, sing the song together. Oh, and they did an interesting music video, with motorbikes and everything. 

17. Empire 

We are alive!” claims Shakira in this 2014’s song. 

And of course we are! Who wouldn’t be after listening to this wonderful tune?