7 Great Songs About David

How many Davids do you know? 

Do they have anything in common? 

For the Davids near and dear to our hearts, it’s hard to find the right words to tell them how much they mean to us. 

There isn’t really a lot of media specified towards Davids but still, we let them know our appreciation however we can. 

If you’re someone looking to show your David some love, take a look at this list of songs:

1. Dave’s Song – Whitney

While the name doesn’t explicitly say David, we’re going to count this one for Davids everywhere. 

Whitney sings about wishing Dave was around because they’re such a good friend and was there for them in the past. 

The song is also about royally screwing up and wanting Dave’s forgiveness so if that scenario is also true, this is the song for you. 

2. David’s Song – Robbie Williams

This is a beautifully sad song

The premise is we are on our death bed looking back on life and not wanting to change things because we lived our life with David (who is holding us in his arms as we sing). 

The ambiance of the song is somber yet so light, just a great song to listen to in general. 

David isn’t technically name-dropped in the song but the title should be enough. 

3. David – GusGus

This is technically not a David appreciation song but it’s a high-tempo house music bop that will get any Davids you know up and dancing. 

And when they inevitably ask you “hey, what song is this? It’s great!” You’ll blow their minds with the answer. 

4. Play Little David – Joni Mitchell

The unmistakable vocals of Joni Mitchell give just the right tone for a little David to play his tune. 

The song is technically about David from the Bible when he plays his instruments (most notably, the harp) but if you have any musically inclined Davids in your life, Joni Mitchell has you covered. 

5. Remember David – A Flock of Seagulls

This upbeat rock song from A Flock of Seagulls serves almost as a memoir. 

The song talks about his eyes, his dreams, his plans, and his smile. 

You’d think David is dead based on the tone and lyrics but there is a point made to say “he’s gone away but we don’t know where” so it’s open to interpretation. 

Either he left to pursue something new or he died and it’s a commentary on what comes next. Either way, a nice appreciation song for David.  

6. David – Viva Brothers

Viva Brothers probably have the least-known song on our list. 

The song circulated on the radio briefly but never really got traction, which is a shame because the beat and melody are quite catchy and for the early 2010s it was a perfect vocal match as well. 

The song rags on the brother David a bit but in the end still loves him all the same. 

7. David’s Song – Joan Baez 

Joan Baez completes the list with an absolutely gorgeous love song to David. 

Again, the name isn’t mentioned outside the title but the life shared and love given through the stars and hills and home and family, all waiting for David wherever he is and whenever he comes home, are really as pure as it gets for love songs. 

In Conclusion

Davids really don’t get enough love but we can do our part to make them feel appreciated nonetheless. 

Yes, there are songs out there without names associated that you can send to your Davids but hopefully this list has given you a personal touch to send to that special David in your life.