11 Best Songs About Denial [Updated 2023]

Denial is a powerful emotion that’s, sadly, just a part of life.

Most people have experienced it at one time or another since it’s a natural response to an event that is too difficult to handle.

It can be a way of protecting yourself from the pain of reality. It can also be a way of coping with the anxiety that comes along with facing an ugly truth.

The songs on this list are all about denial in some form or another, whether it’s about a relationship, addiction, or just life in general.

1. Driver’s License – Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia tells us that she got her driver’s license to go for a ride with someone, but that someone is now seeing someone else.

She, however, still drives by his street just thinking of what it could have been.

This song is about not being able to let go just yet.

2. Rehab – Amy Winehouse

Friends and family told Amy to go to rehab, but she just refused.

She says that she doesn’t have the 70 days that it takes and that she’s better off at home with Ray. Probably Ray Charles, a famous American musician.

The stubbornness of this song is a clear sign of the main character not wanting to accept her problems.

3. Champagne Problems – Taylor Swift

In a more literal way, Champagne Problems talks about denial and realization.

It’s about a couple that breakups just at the time he proposes.

Right at the moment when she says no, she realizes that the relationship is over.

The champagne problems are those of the people celebrating the failed marriage way too early.

4. Motion Sickness – Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe both hates the person this song is about for what he or she did but also misses them like a little kid.

She feels overwhelmed by the whole situation and feels like she has no way of forgetting about that person.

This sounds like the early stages of denial in a breakup to me.

5. Matilda – Harry Styles

A beautiful song about Matilda, a girl that tries her best to look alright, but Harry says that he knows deep down she’s not.

It’s later revealed that the girl had family issues that she’s trying to hide, or just avoids mentioning.

This song shows us that denial can also be not accepting that, sometimes, even family can fail us.

6. Glimpse of Us – Joji

Joji starts off with beautiful words about a girl that does so much for him, but however, quickly regrets saying that in spite of that he’s still thinking about someone else.

Later we find out that someone else is seeing someone new.

The main character in this song just can’t accept that what he once had is over, and it’s time to move on.

7. Blue – MARINA

This song is about regretting a breakup and realizing she went too far.

She can’t accept the current situation and still asks for love and good feelings since she doesn’t want to feel blue anymore.

8. How to Disappear Completely – Radiohead

The lyrics for this song are just pure denial.

“I’m not here”, “This isn’t happening”, he repeats throughout the whole song.

This song is about being overwhelmed by the outside world, and closing up inwards as an escape.

He is just denying reality to feel better.

9. Sofia – Clairo

This song can have different meanings, but in my opinion, she sounds a bit pushy asking Sofia to give it a try.

Maybe Sofia wants nothing to do with her, and she’s just in denial.

10. How Soon Is Now? – The Smiths

A classic from the Smiths, with a sad vibe.

When he says in the chorus:

“You shut your mouth, how dare you say I go about things the wrong way?” 

It makes me feel like perhaps he is actually going about things the wrong way and not wanting to accept it because of pride.

11. Skinny Love – Bon Iver

Skinny love is just a plea for a relationship to work.

The main character is just asking for patience and a lot of things when probably the connection is already lost.