9 Great Songs About Lauren

Chances are you have a special Lauren in your life.

Discovering songs that remind us of people that matter can be difficult, but it’s so funny when you find one where not only the emotions match, but the name of the person in it also does.

In this article, I gathered 21 of the greatest songs about a Lauren, or that are related to one in some aspect.

I hope you like them!

1. Lauren – Men I Trust

“There’s a voice I always trust” is the verse that kicks off this song, and it just feels like home.

Lauren here sounds like a motherly figure, although she’s not mentioned explicitly in the lyrics.

Some interpretations of this song understand that it refers to connecting with nature, but in my opinion, this sounds like a coming-of-age song.

I feel like the main character is going away from her parent’s house and just needs an extra push and reassurance to feel that everything will be alright.

2. Lauren – Huan Huan

This Lauren here seems to have felt into hard times.

She’s wandering the city and has no home.

The contrast between the cheerful arrangement and the troublesome lyrics in this song makes it stand out for me.

Without diving too deep into its actual meaning, I think you will enjoy the feel of this short story with an open ending.

3. Lauren – Neal Francis

The main character here is so hooked by a Lauren that doesn’t reciprocate him.

This song has a great 70s vibe to it and great instrumentation.

With an overall cheerful vibe, this one also doesn’t match its sad heartbreak lyrics, but it’s that bittersweetness that makes it work for me!

4. Lauren’s Song – Breathe Carolina

A Sad song that closes Breathe Carolina’s third studio album.

It’s about the loss of a friend of the group that was killed in a hit-and-run.

This tune is filled with emotion and has a modern hardcore sound that just brings all of its emotions up a whole level.

5. Lauren – Deno, JAY1

This song is about a guy that’s fantasizing about meeting the right person to share his life with.

The reference to being a “Lauren” is in regard to Lauren London, the girlfriend of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle

6. Big, Big Plans – Chris Lane

Chris Lane came up with this song to propose to her girlfriend Lauren Bushnell.

It’s a sweet tune where he goes through some of his big plans for the near future.

Perhaps you know a Lauren to whom you can dedicate this one.

7. Die a Happy Man – Thomas Rhett

This is another song about a Lauren, in this case, Thomas’ wife.

He just describes how happy he is with his lover and says that if all he’s got in life is to hold her hand, he would die a happy man.

Such a sweet tune for a couple in love.

8. Can’t be Yours Forever – SALES

This song is a nostalgic Lo-fi Hip-Hop beat that just repeats its title.

The funny thing is that the sample of people talking that’s looped over and over just finishes saying “Bye Lauren”.

One can come to think that the main character here just can’t be Lauren’s forever.

9. Lauren – Sabor Canela y un Poquito de Café

Last but not least… Are you ready for some cumbia?

If you are not, let me tell you that cumbia is a traditional rhythm from the Andean region of South America.

You will hear it sounds like fun.

This song is a yearning for Lauren, someone whom the main character is looking for and feels like he might go crazy about.

It’s not clear where she actually is, but he remembers her in a very sweet way, quite literally.