11 Best Songs About Brown Eyes [Updated 2023]

With the majority of the population on the planet having brown eyes, it’s only natural there are songs out there appreciating them. 

If you’ve got brown eyes or have a friend with brown eyes, this list is for you. 

Here are 11 of the best songs about people with brown eyes:

1. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

Obviously, this song is the first one on the list. 

This 1967 classic hasn’t slowed down in popularity since its release but is almost overplayed for brown-eyed friends. 

Be mindful of using this song, it’s fun in passing but is not a song you send on a whim. 

2. Brown Eyes – Fleetwood Mac

Another big-name artist off the bat, this slept-on hit is a slow burn and features some haunting vocals. 

If you want something new and off the beaten path, but still from a recognizable artist, this song is the one for you. 

3. Pretty Brown Eyes – Cody Simpson

With all due respect, it’s easy to forget Cody Simpson existed until he comes up in conversation. 

This song really did embody the one-man boyband fad in the 2010s that Beiber proliferated so well, but he isn’t Beiber. 

However, this is an upbeat song about a pretty girl with brown eyes, so checks all our boxes here. 

4. Brown Eyes Baby – Keith Urban

This is a really heartfelt song from Keith Urban. 

It outlines his partner going out for a drink to forget the hurt they’ve gone through, but it isn’t helping. 

Hurt is hurt and you have to go through it, but Urban then goes on to say he can take the blue out of her brown eyes, which is not only sweet but a fun play on colour schemes. 

Well done, Keith Urban. 

5. Brown Eyes – Lady Gaga

From an earlier Gaga time, this song is pretty underrated. 

The brown eyes of a former partner are described throughout the song while also telling a story about why things couldn’t work and how much it hurt when out ended. 

All that storytelling with a simp[le backbeat and piano makes for a great song. 

6. Ebony Eyes – Bob Welch

Bob Welch gives an interesting combination in this song with some rock-style guitar but then soft vocals akin to Fleetwood Mac. 

The song is about this girl at the bar Bob wants to get to know and “change her life”. 

It seems to be a standard song about a girl and then he repeats over and over again “Ebony eyes, Ebony eyes”, so it makes the cut on our list. 

7. Brown Eyes – Destiny’s Child

One of Destiny’s Child’s slower jams, Brown Eyes only mentions eye colour once in the chorus but its use is so well done that it covers the whole song. 

The lyrics describe the love shared with a man and recap some of their favourite times together, but when he’s missing her she can see in his brown eyes that he wishes he was with her. 

Lyrically, brilliant. 

8. Deep Brown Eyes – Bedside Kitties

Bedside Kitties offers a more relaxed song you’d listen to when you’re beside your brown-eyed partner in crime. 

The song is really a description of how much they appreciate their friend and how everything is better when they’re around and with those brown eyes, they can see the good in you, and maybe even a future together. 

It’s very cute and embodies a young love the other songs in this list haven’t. 

9. A Pair of Brown Eyes – The Pogues

Taking a new angle for brown-eyed songs, The Pogues take up a drinking song where a pair of brown eyes are seemingly waiting for him across the way, but when they get to their destination, no brown eyes are waiting. 

Perhaps it’s a drunken mistake, perhaps not; either way, they’ll stay up and push onwards until they find that brown-eyed girl. 

10. Looking in Your Big Brown Eyes – Bob Marley

This song might be more commonly known as “Sweat”, but the official name is the one we have here. 

You know this song, I know this song, everyone knows this song. 

Bob Marley offers a classic Reggae sound that definitely appreciates the brown-eyed population.  

11. Ebony Eyes – Stevie Wonder

Last but not least, Stevie Wonder’s Ebony Eyes is a straight-up appreciation ballad about this fantastic, beautiful woman with ebony eyes. 

Also on the upper end of famous songs, Stevie’s melodic voice and upbeat tune will turn anyone’s heart to appreciation when hearing this. 

In Conclusion

Although brown eyes are the most common eye color, that doesn’t mean we can’t have music highlighting the people who own them. 

These songs cover an array of different feelings and circumstances you and your brown-eyed friends can have together, and hopefully, they find you at the right time to convey those feelings with and to the right people.