31 Easy Queen Songs on Guitar

When I think of “stadium” Rock bands the first two that come to mind are AC/DC and Queen.

But while the boys from down under have still been pretty active releasing new albums and touring over the last few decades, Queen’s famous frontman Freddie Mercury died in 1991, a death that brought a lot of early attention to HIV.

And there was one posthumous studio album Made in Heaven released in 1995, but against all odds, Queen is still one of the biggest Rock bands almost thirty years later: a testament to their talent.

First of all, there was a much-hyped biographical drama film about the band’s career released in 2018 (Bohemian Rhapsody).

They are also one of the most listened-to Rock bands on streaming services such as Spotify. 

And now they are exploring the option of selling the rights to the band’s music catalog for up to a billion dollars. Now that really is “stone cold crazy!

Basically, they managed to figure out that magic formula that appeals to older and younger generations. 

Of course, their music was always bombastic and unapologetically over-the-top, though I feel like it was all done with a bit of a smirk, like a Mona Lisa smile. 

Plus, Queen’s guitarist Brian May has been in music gear news recently too, releasing a bright red signature amp from Vox Amplification, along with one of their little Amplug mini amp contraptions. 

And whether you’re into signature music gear or not, this leads us nicely into what we’re really here for… May’s amazing guitar playing.

There are definitely some Queen songs that take some real dedication to pull off perfectly, but not all of the band’s music is that difficult. 

And even for the tough ones, the band’s popularity means that there are in-depth tutorials on how to play them in their original glory, or simplified (acoustic) versions for us mere mortals.

So take a look at these songs and have a try at your favorites or discover some new ones to push your boundaries. 

Are you ready to rock? 

1. Fat Bottom Girls

The intro to this song is immediately recognizable, and on the surface, it seems like this song predicted the fashion culture of the new millennium pretty accurately. 

But if you listen closely to the lyrics it can get a little disturbing… well I just hope this song wasn’t inspired by true events. 

This song can be done using just chords if you are a true beginner and it sounds great. Just be sure to dial in a nice fat distortion tone with lots of sustain!

Here is how to play the song.

Verse 1: D A D G 


Chorus: D C G/B


D A D (play this line two times)

Verses 2 and 3: D A D G 


Bridge: G D A D 


This can be played in standard tuning, but if you want to spice it up and add in some of the fills, put your guitar in Drop D tuning and check out the video tutorial below. 

Link to tab

And here’s a lesson:

2. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Next, we have a perfect song that sounds like a love child between Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison.  

And though Queen could do extremely complex songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody, this one shines because of its simplicity and infectious groove.

And since this one is all about the strumming rhythm, it’s also perfect for acoustic guitar when you’re hanging out with friends

Here are the parts of the song. 

Intro: D Dsus4 D

Verses: D G C G (two times)

D Bb C D (on the last verse keep repeating Bc C D)

Chorus: G C G

Bb E A


Bridge: Bb D Bb E A F E A

Link to tab

And here’s a lesson:

Link to lesson

3. Another One Bites the Dust

One of Queen’s biggest hits is carried by its epic bass line, but that doesn’t prevent guitar players from getting in on the action.

You can just play the bass line on your guitar and if you have an octave effect it will sound even better:


And for the meat of the song, it’s time to get funky with some barre chords and some loose-wristed strumming.  

If you’ve never tried playing Funk music before, you’ll have to get comfortable with the idea of rhythmically “squeezing” and releasing the chords with your fretting hand (it’s not that hard but you might get some cramps until you build up the muscles for it). 

The video tutorial below includes some special chord voicings and embellishments but beginners can try with these barre chords. 

Intro riff

Verse: Em Am Em AM

Pre Chorus: C G (three times) Am B

Chorus: Em Am (three times) F#m A B7

Chorus refrain: A B (repeat as needed)

Outro: (A B) Em Am F#m A B

If you’re playing this song by yourself, this would be a fun one to use a Wah pedal on, if you have one in your collection!

Link to tab

And here’s a lesson:

4. Under Pressure (with David Bowie)

When David Bowie and John Lennon teamed up on the song Fame, most people were pretty disappointed. 

But when Bowie and Queen collaborated on this epic tune, the results were as good as expected with two of Classic Rock’s greatest vocalists sharing mic duties. 

And this song is also famous for Vanilla Ice “sampling” it for the track Ice Ice Baby, a move that would later come back to haunt him in the courtroom. 

Like Another One Bites the Dust, this has another great bassline to kick things off, but the song can be played using very easy chords and you can add some riffs from the videos to take it to the next level. 

Here is how to play the rhythm guitar. 

Intro, Verse 1, Verse 3, and first Bridge: D A G A (repeat as needed)

Verse 2, Verse 4: G A (three times) 


Verse 5: G C (two times) 



Verse 6: D G A (two times)

D A (four times)


Verse 7: G A D A (three times) 

G A (two times) 


Outro: D A D G A D

Link to tab

And here’s a lesson:

Link to lesson (simplified acoustic version)

Link to lesson (original for more advanced players)

5. Radio Ga Ga (arranged for acoustic guitar)

Link to tab

6. Seven Seas of Rhye

Link to tab

7. You’re My Best Friend

Link to tab

8. We Are the Champions

Link to tab

9. I’m in Love with My Car

Link to tab

10. One Vision

Link to tab

11. Death on Two Legs (simplified for acoustic guitar)

Link to tab (PDF file)

12. Bohemian Rhapsody (simplified for acoustic guitar)

Link to tab (for advanced players only!)

13. Keep Yourself Alive

Link to tab

14. Stone Cold Crazy

Link to tab

15. Bicycle Race

Link to tab

16. Now I’m Here

Link to tab

17. Innuendo

Link to tab

18. We Will Rock You

Link to tab

19. I Want to Break Free

Link to tab

20. Killer Queen (arranged for guitar)

Link to tab

21. Don’t Stop Me Now

Link to tab

22. Love of My Life

Link to tab

23. Tie Your Mother Down

Link to tab

24. A Kind of Magic

Link to tab

25. Play the Game

Link to tab

26. Somebody to Love

Link to tab

27. The Show Must Go On

Link to tab

28. Friends Will Be Friends

Link to tab

29. Save Me

Link to tab

30. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Link to tab

31. These Are the Days of Our Lives

Link to tab