Intermediate Players: 6 Best Guitar Solos to Learn

After some time playing the guitar things may become a kind of boring. 

That’s not due to the instrument itself but you as a musician are improving and feel the necessity to play more complex pieces.

If you are tired of playing the same three-chord songs or just simple riffs you should go to the next level. 

Once you get the hang of plucking and picking you will be able to get into the world of solos.

Intermediate Guitar Players! Here you have a list of the 6 best guitar solos to learn.

These pieces are located a few steps before hard, fast-picking solos with complicated techniques but several notches above simple four-note lines.

Our selection of the 6 best guitar solos for intermediate players includes:

  • Smoke On the Water
  • Time
  • Fade to Black
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • Little Wing

Each solo has a general description of the style and the song as well. 

Besides, the keys are specified and you are given links to the original song, a video tutorial, and tabs to make the learning process more straightforward

What Makes an Intermediate Guitar Player?

Although it may sound silly, we have to clarify what makes an intermediate guitar player, they notice when the instrument is out of tune and are able to tune by ear

While beginner guitarists play open chords, intermediate guitarists are comfortable playing barre chords. 

Among the techniques that intermediate guitarists possess are alternate picking, pull-off, hammer-on, bends, slides, vibrato, and muting. 

Finally, musicians at this level already know the basic scales, major, minor and pentatonic.

Needless to say that these clarifications are only tentative guidelines and not absolute truths and the fact that you have not yet mastered certain techniques does not mean that you are a beginner. 

Now you can get an idea of what level you are at, enjoy the list below and be ready to dazzle your audience 

1. Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple

To begin with, we have one of the most iconic rock solos in music history (spoiler alert: it won’t be the only one on the list). As everyone must know, this famous song by Deep Purple offers a melodic but at the same time bluesy solo.

The legend Ritchie Blackmore plays a bunch of bends followed by fast, delicious licks. 

This piece is in the key of B minor and is great for practicing bendings and a bit of running along the fretboard, so prepare both your fretting hand for those bends and also your playing hand to grab a plectrum and practice alternate and economy picking

Here’s a lesson:

Here is a link to its tab

2. Time – Pink Floyd

Next on the list, we welcome this expressive guitar line which sounds amazingly emotive. David Gilmour is more than used to evoking his feelings through his playing and this short and sweet solo is not the exception.

This melodic line is composed over the key of F# minor and makes everyone get goose pimples all over when it sounds. Full of half and full-step bendings, this solo will help you to develop more control plus sensibility in your fingers and you will impress your friends!

Here’s a lesson:

Here is a link to its tab

3. Fade To Black – Metallica

Although this song is mainly an acoustic piece, it presents a solo full of emotion. It’s not news but Metallica’s ballads are as beautiful as their harsh, trashy songs.

Despite being a long solo and you may have trouble remembering certain parts, with some practice you will be able to learn it. What is more, you can invite your guitarist friend to accompany you with the harmonized and rhythmic sections.

Using B minor as a key, this melodic piece offers everything, speed, pull-offs, hard and soft melodies, and, of course, groundbreaking bendings. A great song to practice a wide variety of playing techniques and impress your metal head friends.

Here’s a lesson:

Here’s a link to its tab

4. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Now we will talk about that guy who used an old coin instead of a pick, the innovative Queen’s guitar player, Brian May. His particular sound drew attention from the beginning not only for his angelical-sounding solos but also for his powerful riffs.

If we are talking about Queen, their most avant-garde and influential song was and always will be Bohemian Rhapsody. Composed in E-flat, its solo presents a brilliant and beautiful tone, full of expressive patterns that will thrill anyone.

This melodic line consists of several techniques but you can master it quickly. Once you learn it, you’ll see how great it feels.

Here’s a lesson:

Here’s a link to its tab

5. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

The great American southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd created this song and still today is the flagship of country music. A simple composition that consists of a few chords and a classic sound but was innovative at the time.

Just by playing a few notes, people will quickly recognize the song and you will have several fans chanting the chorus. Not to mention when it’s time for the solo!

It’s in the key of E minor and although it perfectly represents the country tone, it also has some pentatonic blues overtones. Like many of the previous songs, this piece has everything, bendings, pull-offs, hammer-ons, and even artificial harmonics.   

Here’s a lesson:

Here’s a link to its tab

6. Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix Experience

Last but not least, we have this legendary line that should be a school subject. Jimi Hendrix brought us this song to be eternally remembered, through it he transmits a tremendous emotion.

Hendrix is probably one of the most influential guitarists thanks to his style, which has led many musicians to learn his songs. Punctually, Little Wing’s solo is perfect to understand his way of playing, full of flourishes and expressive resources.

This solo will definitely help you to improve your playing. Composed in E minor, it won’t take you long to learn it and it’s a great piece to start improvising a bit.

Here’s a lesson:

Here’s a link to its tab