Gretsch G2622 vs G2655 [Main differences]

If you are here, you probably passed the last 10 minutes going back and forth these 2 models on the Gretsch website.

I actually opened the 2 model spec sheets in 2 different browser tabs and clicked quickly between them to see if I could find the differences.

Can we just say that they are subtle?

If you just want to know what are the differences between these 2 models and just get going, here’s the short answer:

The main difference between the Gretsch G2622 and the G2655 is that the G2622 is bigger. This size difference makes this guitar have more of a hollow body sound to it since its resonance chamber is bigger. Also, the top strap button is placed differently among the 2, and they use different Bigsby models.

If you have time to stick for a bit longer, in this article we will talk specifically about these 2 Gretsch guitars, then we will lay out their main differences. After that, we will give you some insights into which one you might prefer.

So, let’s get started!

Gretsch G2622 main characteristics

Gretsch g

The Gretsch G2622 is a semi-hollow, double cut, blues, and rock machine with a center block.

The center block is usually an addition to this kind of guitars to help to prevent feedback. This tells you that this instrument was designed with overdrive and light distortion in mind.

Of course, it’s still a semi-hollow body guitar and it won’t be very happy with metal distortions, but probably you already knew about that.

Many players compare the G2622 with a 335 style guitar, such as the Dot or the Epiphone Sheraton.

The Gretsch G2622 main specs are the following:

Body shapeStreamliner™ Center Block
Body materialLaminated Maple
Neck materialNato
Neck shapeThin “U”
Fingerboard materialLaurel

Gretsch G2655 main characteristics

Gretsch g

The Gretsch G2655 is the G2622’s smaller sibling.

It’s actually a smaller guitar with pretty much identical features to the one we briefly described before.

The G2655 could be seen as a response to the Epiphone Wildkat, a semi-hollow guitar with the size of a Les Paul or a Duo Jet.

This for sure is a big (no pun intended) feature for many players that prefer a less clunky instrument.

Here are the main features of the G2655:

Body shapeStreamliner™ Center Block Jr.
Body materialLaminated Maple
Neck materialNato
Neck shapeThin “U”
Fingerboard materialLaurel

Main differences between the Gretsch G2622 and the G2655

Although these 2 guitars are pretty similar you shouldn’t dismiss their main difference, since it’s something that defines them in many ways.

Gretsch wouldn’t put out 2 identical models and call them different or would they?

As we said before, the main difference between the G2622 and the G2655 is that the G2655 is smaller.

And that is not just a matter of portability. You see, these are semi-hollow guitars, and the 2622 having a bigger chamber to resonate will surely make it sound “more” like a semi-hollow.

This is not a small tonal difference, for sure.

Here are the specs of the G2622 and the G2655 side by side:

Body shapeStreamliner™ Center BlockStreamliner™ Center Block Jr.
Body materialLaminated MapleLaminated Maple
Neck materialNatoNato
Neck shapeThin “U”Thin “U”
Fingerboard materialLaurelLaurel

As you can see, they also have different Bigsby models in their tremolo version, and this is surely due to the difference in size.

Also, the top strap button is placed in a different position between the 2.

Finally, the G2655 has considerably better access to higher frets than the G2622 since the body on this latter model starts getting in the way at around the 17th fret.

Which one should you choose?

Here in GearAficionado, we don’t like making decisions for you.

Buying a piece of gear is always a very personal decision that you should make based on the information you gather from different sources since no publication is ever perfect.

We also encourage you to try the guitars, if possible, side by side. Especially in this kind of situation where the differences are subtle but might make or break it for you.

However, if you want our insights into whether the Gretsch G2622 or the G2655 would suit you better, here they are: 

  • If you are a big guy, the G2622 might work better for you
  • If you are not that  big, the G2655 might be more comfortable for you
  • If you really like the semi-hollow body tone, the G2622 will surely stand out to you
  • If you want to try a semi-hollow but you are not so sure about the resonance, the G2655 might be a great first step
  • If you really like 335-style guitars, go for a G2622
  • If you have played an Epiphone Wildkat and liked it, try out the G2655