Which Are Better? Sabian b8 vs b8 Pro vs b8x [Differences]

There are a lot of cymbal alternatives in the market, and Sabian is, for sure, one of the industry’s leaders.

They make products at every price level and a lot of players tend to gravitate towards their lineup.

However, they have a big problem naming their products.

What is a B8 cymbal set, and how is it different from a B8X?

Hey, what is it so pro about the B8 Pros?

All of this and more in this article.

If you want a short answer about what makes these 3 lines of cymbals different, here it is:

The main differences between the Sabian B8, B8 Pro, and B8X lines are that the first 2 are currently discontinued. The B8s are the cheapest and have a traditional finish. The Pros and B8X have a brilliant finish and come in more sizes. The B8X are a step up from the B8s, but the Pros are slightly better.

If you want to stick around longer, here you will find the main characteristics of each of these lines. Then, we will put them side by side and try to describe what makes them different. Finally, we will give you our insights into which one you should choose based on our research.

Are you ready?

Let’s get to it!

Sabian B8 line main features

Sabian B

The B8 line is and has been the entry point for many drummers across the world into the cymbal world.

It’s has been discontinued but a lot of new players choose to pick them used. And that’s a great deal, these cymbals are as cheap as it gets.

Are they any good? Well, anything is good if you’re just starting out. Even some more advanced players claim the B8 hihat is not awful. And that’s a lot to say.

This line of cymbals comes in a traditional finish, with light lathing and no hammering.

You get what you pay for, but that’s not bad.

For a starter’s beater setup, a set of used B8s will be great. You will later have time to start fishing for the perfect tone you have in your head.

Sabian B8 Pro line main features

The B8 Pro line is a step up from the classic B8s.

These cymbals come with a brilliant finish, more extensive lathing, and light hammering that result in a smoother and more focused sound.

The Pro line offers a more extensive array of cymbal size options for the players to pick.

As the name implies, this is Sabian’s alternative for slightly more advanced players that might want to have a bit more control over their set.

However, by no means we could say that these are professional cymbals. They’re just a step up from the B8s.

Sabian B8X line main features

Sabian B X

The B8X line is the most modern addition to the B8 line and it is, again a step up from the B8s.

This line replaced the B8s, however, it has more to do with the B8 Pros, which were also phased out.

They come with a brilliant finish, have a different lathing and computerized hammering. 

The result is a cleaner sound and better playability than their predecessors.

Sabian finally decided to simplify their entry-level lineup with the B8X, offering them in a construction similar to the one of the B8 Pros and in a similar variety of sizes to allow the players better customization of their sets.

Main differences between the Sabian B8, B8 Pro, and the B8X lines

There are a few things that set apart these 3 lines of Sabian cymbals.

Generally speaking, if you’re new to drumming, you shouldn’t obsess over which of these is better for you. As long as you can hit them, they will be just fine.

However, if you indeed want to get into that rabbit hole, here is a table showing their main differences:

SpecB8B8XB8 Pro
LathingLightExtensiveMore extensive
HammeringNoneLight, computerizedLight
Size availabilityNarrowBroadBroader

First, there were the Sabian B8s, a really cheap set of cymbals, that worked for so many drum aficionados, myself included.

The B8 Pros were introduced as a slight step up in quality with their brilliant finish and better lathing. Also, they came in a broader variety of sizes, giving more choices to the players.

Finally, the latest introduction to Sabian’s B8 line was the B8Xs that replaced the other 2 previous ones. These are more comparable to the Pro line but of slightly lower construction quality. They come in more sizes than the regular B8s, but fewer than the Pros.

Which one should you choose?

Here in GearAFicionado, we don’t like telling you what to buy and what to not buy.

We know picking a new piece of gear is very personal a something you should do after a well-thought-out process.

We always encourage you to try out the things that interest you before making a final decision because there will always be nuances that you would hear or feel in person and that you would never get through a blog post or a YouTube video.

In this article, we laid out the main differences between Sabian’s B8 lines, and surely that information would help you make a decision.

However, if you want to know what are our insights into what you should choose, here they are:

  • If you are on a budget, look for a used set of B8s
  • If you are just learning to play the drums, a set of B8s will be just fine
  • If you prefer cymbals with a brilliant finish, the B8 Pros might be for you
  • If you want a bigger choice of sizes, check out the B8 Pros
  • If you are looking for new entry-level cymbals, the B8Xs might be for you
  • If you don’t like the original B8 line, maybe the brilliant finished B8Xs could be for you