Is It Possible to Play Guitar Over Discord?

The internet has made playing live performances from home a possibility. 

After all, you just need to learn your songs, tell your friends and family member that you’ll be playing a live performance, and finally do it. 

For this, you count on a lot of tools to accomplish this task successfully. 

One of them is Discord. Discord has become a popular platform to play video games with your friends, or simply share some memes

But how good is it for playing guitar? Can you actually do it? 

You can play guitar over Discord. However, it’s not the best choice, since Discord’s audio settings are not designed to support music. It’s much better to use Twitch or Skype. Naturally, though, with a proper configuration, and the use of an audio interface, you could play guitar with little to no problems.

Let’s find out whether Discord will suit your interests or not. 

But don’t worry, we still have some alternatives, and ways to solve the possible issues emerging with Discord. 

Keep reading to find everything out! 

Can you play guitar over Discord? 

Similar to Zoom, you can play guitar over Discord. 

Unfortunately, there’s this disadvantage that Discord blocks the sound of other unwanted agents. 

The good news is that you can eliminate this problem by some setting configuration. 

It’s even easier if you share your daw with the rest. If you have an audio interface it’ll be fairly simple to play guitar over Discord and impress your friends. 

But what’s an audio interface, really? 

How to plug in your guitar to your computer to use it in Discord? 

There are certain ways in which you can plug your guitar into your computer. 

The most effective form is by acquiring an audio interface. It’s a small device that allows you to plug your guitar through it, and then to the PC. 

This device is useful mainly because it transforms the guitar’s signal into a digital signal. 

Now, if you don’t have an audio interface, but do have a multi-effect pedal, then take advantage of it and use it. 

Most modern multi-effect pedals have a USB port built into them, so you can connect your guitar’s cable to the pedal, and the pedal to the PC. 

Not to mention, you can do the same if you happen to own an amplifier with a USB port on it. 

Lastly, we recommend you download some program that helps you emulate a guitar amp (in case you lack one and can only play with an audio interface). Check for AmpliTube, Helix Native, or Guitar Rig. 

Is Discord good enough for guitar lessons? 

Many people choose to teach guitar through Discord. 

Its interface is rather easy to use and get used to it as well. 

If you can configure the sound settings and have an audio interface at hand (or amp, or multi-effect pedal), then Discord will be good enough. 

Not to mention, Discord is free, which makes it possible for teachers and students to work with it. 

Can you jam with other musicians over Discord? 

Unfortunately, Discord is not the best choice for jam sessions with your band or friends. 

Latency would truly interfere with the overall transmission and would end up in a cacophony of unpleasant music. 

Long story short, just don’t. 

Find an alternative, there are plenty. 

What are some common issues with playing guitar over Discord? 

Discord is not sacred. 

It has some disadvantages that should be taken into account. 

First of all, its video chat function is not the best one in the market. After all, it lacks some quality. 

In addition, Discord can be a bit hungry in the RAM department. This, of course, could be solved with a computer that has a lot of memory

Lastly, do not forget that you need to set the sound configuration appropriately, otherwise it won’t work. 

Are there any better alternatives?

All in all, we encourage you to try some other alternatives before choosing Discord. 

For example, you can easily work with Instagram or Facebook. All you need to do is set a live transmission, and you’re all set to play guitar live. 

If you’re not too convinced about using social media for playing guitar, then simply use Twitch, Skype, or Vimeo. 

Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that Discord is way better than Zoom for live guitar performances. 

Other than that, there are still some better alternatives than Discord. Try them out and see which one suits you better.