PRS Custom vs Standard [Main differences]

PRS custom vs PRS standard

You’re about to enter into the PRS world but the model names and the denominations are making you crazy.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

But don’t worry, be sure that whether the model you choose you’ll be getting an amazing …

Jackson Soloist vs Dinky [Main differences]

Jackson Soloist vs Dinky

You’re looking for a Jackson superstrat but you can’t make your mind.

We all have been there. Sometimes even in the information era, it’s hard to find just what you need to make the right choice for you.

Before getting …

Charvel San Dimas vs So Cal [Main differences]

San Dimas vs So Cal

You’re looking for your next superstrat and you can’t decide?

Maybe you played a friend’s Charvel and got sick of GAS? (Guitar Aquisition Syndrome)

To begin with, congratulations. These are amazing guitars and you are gonna be happy whether of …

Ibanez RG350DX vs RG450DX [Main differences]


Chances are you’re in the market for a superstrat. You have been browsing your options and these two Ibanez models stuck with you.

First of all, congratulations, you’re about to make a great choice. Both of these instruments are great …

Gretsch G5422 vs. G5622 [Main differences]

Gretsch vs

To kick things off: Congratulations!

You’re about to make a great choice. Whether you end up choosing the Gretsch G5422 or the G5622 you’ll end up with an amazing instrument.

The Gretsch G5422 is a hollow body guitar while the