Why Is Playing Bass With a Pick Considered a Bad Thing?

“Pick” and “bass”. 

For many, these two words should never be together in a sentence. 

Unless, of course, that sentence says: DO NOT PLAY BASS WITH A PICK. 

Reasons are unknown, but the number of people who consider playing bass …

Passive vs Active Bass Pickups: What’s the difference?

It is very easy to forget the importance of pickups on instruments. However, their relevance to the sounds that a bass creates cannot be denied. 

A common question people ask before purchasing a bass is whether to have a passive …

Are Bass Starter Packs Worth It?

When first starting out your musical journey you will be faced with many boring, but important choices.

Probably the first hurdle you will have to overcome is deciding which setup will be your partner for at least the initial months …

How to get a funky bass tone

The tone of your bass guitar is a relevant feature. Once you learn how to play, you’ll want to learn how to sound. 

The direction you’ll take most probably will depend on your favorite music genre. 

For some is metal, …

4, 5, or 6 String Bass? Which One Should You Get?

Chances are you already have some music experience, and you are looking to expand your toolbox with a bass.

Apart from the many different models and configurations, the fundamental matter of how many strings should you get is a very …