36 Great Bass Songs 

Great Bass Songs

The bass guitar is one of the most exceptional instruments of them all.

It serves as a bridge between the rhythm of the drums and the harmonic freedom of a guitar. Long story short, we could say that it has …

What Happens if Your Guitar Battery Dies?

What happens if your guitar battery dies

Electric guitars are simple instruments. 

Just connect the guitar’s cable to the amp, tune the instrument properly, and you’re all set to create wonderful melodies. 

That is unless you have a guitar with active pickups. 

Active pickups are not that …

5 String Bass: 4 Must-Know Tunings [Ultimate Guide]

string bass tunings

Bass and drums are typically thought of as the backbone of a lot of music. 

And oftentimes drummers and bassists are encouraged to “stay in the pocket” and not draw too much attention. 

But sometimes the bass gets to shine …

Why Do Basses Stay in Tune for Longer?

Do you happen to have more than one instrument? 

Great! That means you are very lucky. Or maybe you are just a hard worker. 

Or both, who knows? 

And do you happen to have both bass and an electric guitar? …

Can You Put Guitar Strings on a Bass?

Creating music is fantastic because one always finds an opportunity to break the rules. 

In other words, experimenting with different sounds, instruments, and effects leads to wonderful results. 

Sometimes those results define the characteristic sound of a band or artist. …

Are Acoustic Bass Guitars Loud Enough?

Everybody loves acoustic songs. 

It doesn’t matter if you are the purest heavy metal lover in the world. 

Listening to an acoustic guitar will fill you with goosebumps. 

In the end, hard rock and metal groups that use acoustic guitars …