17 Best Songs About Gravity 

Imagine a world where Isaac Newton never created gravity; we could be flying all around and look cool as hell, without the need of using public transport. 

Thank you Isaac…  

Jokes aside, it’s undeniable how relevant Newton’s discovery has been for humanity and its never-ending evolution. 

But this is not a physics or history class whatsoever. This is GearAficionado, a music site! 

So, what do you say if we combine both concepts and blend them into one? 

Here we have collected a selection of 17 songs about gravity. 

You’ll soon discover that most of them deal with the same topics: either strong feelings of love or heavy drug consumption. 

But let’s not spoil the article. Better to find the meanings out by yourself. 

Let’s go! 

1. Walking In The Air – The Snowman 

Originally written by Howard Blake and sung by Peter Auty for the 1982 Christmas movie The Snowman

Other artists have covered this one in the following years, such as pop band McFly, soprano singer Aled Jones, and Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. 

Taking preferences aside, it’s fair to mention that Nightwish’s cover is the one that stands out the most, other than its original version. 

2. Gravity – John Mayer 

If you’ve ever struggled with depression, you might find this song relatable. 

In this case, gravity works as a metaphor for “something” heavy weighting and suffocating the narrator. 

This weight is generally related to intrusive thoughts, past regrets, and feelings of guilt and shame. 

If you struggle with depression, ask for help. Your life is worth saving. 

3. Gravity – A Perfect Circle 

A Perfect Circle combined different thematics and blended them into one concept. 

Gravity‘s lyrics are gloomy; depicting someone struggling with drug abuse and the shame that comes after it. 

The addict is about to hit rock bottom, but, simultaneously, sees himself detached from the ground, all the while getting higher and higher from it. 

It’s quite paradoxical, but that only adds to the charm of the song.  

4. Gravity Gliding – Masked Wolf 

Picture jumping off a plane and finding out that your parachute doesn’t work

If you can relate to that experience, then you are either a ghost or extremely lucky. 

That’s more or less what happens to the Australian rapper Masked Wolf in the music video of Gravity Gliding

Whether he survives or not, I won’t tell. I wouldn’t like to spoil you the ending, so better check it by yourself. 

5. A Victim of Gravity (Schoolhouse Rock) – The Tokens 

A Victim of Gravity serves two purposes at once. 

First of all, to teach you the basics of gravity. 

Second, to make you laugh (at least a bit). 

Long story short, the video of A Victim of Gravity shows a goofy cartoon of a man suffering several inconveniences, all gravity-related. 

These go from having teacups slipped away and broken, to walking on the streets and falling through a manhole. 

6. Gravity – Coldplay 

Everyone loves love songs. 

Coldplay published X&Y in 2005, the third studio album containing the track Gravity

As I mentioned, Gravity seems to be about a relationship and how the singer feels this law attracts one another. 

What’s more, there’s a hint there that this universal law is not only affecting himself and his lover but also everyone else. 

7. Gravity – Papa Roach (feat Maria Brink)

Featuring In This Moment singer Maria Brink, Gravity by Papa Roach is about opening oneself up. 

At least, that’s how singer Jacoby Shadixx felt about it when rapping in this song for the first time

In addition, the gravity metaphor is about anything in one’s life that keep pulling oneself behind or having the boring reality putting your feet on the ground. 

You know, people’s toxic opinions or wrong self-beliefs that prevent us from accomplishing bigger in life.  

8. Gravity – Sara Bareilles 

American songwriter Sara Bareilles wrote Gravity at the age of 20. 

The lyrics find a person victim of love. I say victim because the protagonist doesn’t want to be part of it. 

Sadly, there’s no way to prevent her from feeling that. The law of gravity slowly but steadily directs her toward the other person, and the more time passes by, the harder it gets to resist the emotion. 

9. Sound Check (Gravity) – Gorillaz 

Yet again, a song about drugs. 

Interestingly, Sound Check is not about being high on drugs, but actually, about having the effects worn off and “having your feet on the ground” again. 

That gap between highness and full sobriety is a weird stage since you are not fully recovered, but neither fully high. That’s more or less what this song is about. 

10. Gravity – Against The Current 

Taken from the EP of the same title, Gravity is a catchy pop song with some rock elements that stand out in the chorus. 

11. The Gravity Song – Toddler Fun Learning 

Another educational song that teaches the basics of gravity to little kids. 

In my opinion, this sounds as if ABBA made modern pop for a kindergarten audience… but… with a lesser quality? 

Check it by yourself, and please, let me know what you think about it.   

12. Levitating – Dua Lipa (feat DaBaby) 

This Dua Lipa classic is an upbeat love song.

Here, we find the singer traveling to outer space with her lover, riding through galaxies and planets. 

Gravity is not an issue there, so one can freely levitate anywhere. 

Come to think about it, a similar experience can be obtained by listening to music, don’t you think? 

13. Floating – Mac Miller 

14. Gravity – Day Sulan 

15. Gravity – Brent Faiyaz (feat Tyler The Creator & DJ Dahi) 

16. Gravity – Anthony Lazaro 

17. Zero Gravity – Zion. T