8 Great Songs About Jessica

If you were born any time before 2000, you probably knew someone named Jessica growing up

The prominence of the big three Jessicas – Simpson, Albas, and Biel – near the turn of the century had the name skyrocket in popularity. 

That said, there are a number of songs out now that you can listen to and appreciate your Jessica friends with no matter how old they are now. 

1. Jessica – Major Lazer

Probably the most popular Jessica-only song, Major Lazer provides a catchy, flowing melody that puts you right on the beach where his “bathing suit is drying on the Porsche”. 

His life is a mess and all he wants is his Jessica, and for anyone who knows a Jessica out there, can you blame him?

2. Jessica – The Allman Brothers Band

If you know rock songs, then you know that THIS is the most popular Jessica song. 

But because there are no lyrics, it’s hard to classify it as a Jessica song. 

The Allman Brothers put together this 7-minute ensemble back in 1973 but over 20 years later it was heralded as a “true national heirloom”.

3.   Jess’s Song – Matthew Mole

Yes not technically a Jessica song but Jess is more than close enough to make the list. 

Matthew Mole puts together this beautiful love song full of hope and promise to a future version of himself and Jess where things are great and they are together. 

If you have a special Jessica in your life, this is a good song to send her way. 

4.   Jessica – Sivakarthikeyan

This song came out of nowhere we know of in the Western world, and that’s because it didn’t come out of the western world. 

Sivakarthikeyan performs the song Jessica in the Tamil movie “Prince”. 

There aren’t many English words in the song but my goodness is it a bop. 

This is the epitome of an ear-worm song. 

Give it a listen.

5.   Jessica WJ – Cayucas

We aren’t quite sure what the Wj stands for, but Cayucas put together a light Jessica song that pairs perfectly with going out and about. 

Driving in the car

Put this song on. 

Walking somewhere? 

Try out this song. 

Putting together a meal? 

I think you get the picture.

6.  Jessica – Demun Jones

This song is in memory of Demun Jones’ sister

The song is named after his sister and serves as more of a remembrance and respectful song than one you would send to someone else named Jessica. 

A beautiful sendoff and one we respect on this list. 

7.  Jessica – Rick Springfield

This is a good Jessica song. 

Rick Springfield’s tried and true voice comes through with hopes of melting Jessica’s icy outer exterior and having her as his girl

This Jessica is not to be taken lightly though, and the song goes in-depth to describe her as such. 

Want to compliment and flirt with a Jessica? 

This is the song for you.

8.  Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega

Yeah, yeah. 

I know this isn’t really a Jessica song but she made the list and this song is undeniable. 

Most notably, Jessica is the last name mentioned so if anything, she stands out the most in the entire song. 

Maybe don’t send this to your Jessica though, because I have no doubts she’s already heard her name on there and is just dying to hear it again.

In Conclusion

Despite it being a short list, there does seem to be a general understanding the Jessicas are great girls to have in your life. 

Be it a reverence of respect or a deep desire, Jessicas everywhere are certainly appreciated. 

If any of these songs match how you’re feeling about a certain Jessica, send the song her way and let us know how it all went.