7 Great Songs About March

In Nature, March marks both the end of winter and the beginning of spring

March is a month of change and growth and new life

Unfortunately, for new life to begin, something has to die (for nature, the snow melts). 

But March can be much more than just a month of change. 

Other than the switch from winter to spring, there isn’t a whole lot for adults to enjoy about the month, which can cause us to get antsy and just want spring to begin. 

Because of this, many songs have been written during this month to pass the time

However, only some of them have been actually written about the month itself. 

Here are a few songs about how March has been treating these artists:

1. Melancholy March – Julie London

This 1956 slow song is exactly what the name suggests. 

March is slow and unmemorable and with eh weather still not quite turned enough, the days just seem dreary. 

This blues number was an absolute hit 75 years ago, and would definitely speak to the “I was born in the wrong generation” group today. 

2. Winds of March –  Journey

A somewhat lesser-known Journey song, Winds of March is more of a love song that speaks to the inevitabilities of life than about the actual March, but we’ll take it. 

The Winds of March will come no matter what, reliable and fair.  

3. The Long March – Vangelis

While Vangelis’ beautiful piece has March in the title, that is the only time the month is mentioned. 

To be fair, that is the only time any words are used, as the song is without any lyrics. 

Closing your eyes and listening to this song you can note the similarities between the peaceful time of winter transitioning into a more lively environment with spring coming into the forefront. 

4. Late March, Death March – Frightened Rabbit 

This upbeat song is actually the most tragic one on our list. 

Listening to the lyrics, it speaks about someone who went too far and seemingly cannot be forgiven. 

The artist is death marching through the month of March towards what they assume to be oblivion, but over a well-paced tune that doesn’t quite hint at the gravity of its lyrics. 

5. March 23 – Confession

Confession is a heavy death metal band, but that doesn’t mean they can’t speak about life as well. March 23 is about the day a bond was made and how no matter what happens, they will always be together, even if just in spirit. 

The lyrics are really quite touching and if you’re a fan of death metal, this song has the whole package. 

6. A Long March – As I Lay Dying

Two death metal band songs in a songfest about March? 

Yeah, I’m surprised too. 

A Long March is the first song in As I Lay Dying’s album of the same name. 

The band’s following heralded the album as one of their best works and although this song only serves as an introduction to the album, its lyrics are extremely heartfelt. 

7. (March 19, 1983) It Was Probably Green – Carissa’s Weird

This is a sad song, and from the opening note, you know it is. 

Carissa’s Weird’s low tones and absolutely gut-wrenching lyrics really sell the idea of a person trying to recover from a loss

This loss took place in, you guessed it, March of 1983.  

In Conclusion

March really is a strange month. 

A time of change, a time of loss and life and, apparently, waiting. 

While there aren’t many songs to appreciate this awkward time of the year, it does leave the door open for artists to interpret what transition can mean for them. 

Be it connecting with or losing someone, or simply singing or playing what the time feels like to you. 

While the options are limited, each one of them is heartfelt, and that is what matters.