25 Great Songs About Suicide 

Suicide is an unfortunate event. 

Although some people use it as a means of escaping the hard-to-face reality, suicide does nothing but worsen things. 

Suicide prevents the possibilities of life from improving. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts and mental health issues, remember to call 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. 

1. Out of Line – Crashdïet 

Out of Line appears in Crashdïet’s debut album Rest In Sleaze

The lyrics have a kind of foreshadowing, with lots of suicidal ideas that seem to haunt the narrator of the story. 

One verse says “I’m born a rebel with the neck in the noose.” 

More explicit is the chorus: “Oh, I love the taste of cyanide / Oh, how I love to feel it burn inside.” 

The story has a sad ending, unfortunately. Singer Dave Lepard committed suicide at the age of 26. 

2. Make It Stop (September’s Children) – Rise Against 

Tim McIlrath said this song is mainly based on the September 2010 suicides. 

The track is also dedicated to every Rise Against fan dealing with frustrations and mental instability. 

However, it’s more oriented toward the LGBTQ+ youth community. 

3. Hold On – Good Charlotte 

After receiving an abysmal amount of letters from fans asking for help, Good Charlotte members decided to create this song. 

Of course, it’s an anti-suicide track, and a way to encourage listeners to find help. 

4. Summertime Suicide – Murderdolls 

A pessimistic romantic song found in Murderdoll’s second album Women & Children Last

A lover takes her life, and as a result, her boyfriend does the same after finding her dead.  

5. Numb – Linkin Park 

It’s no news that singer Chester Bennington has struggled with depression throughout his life. 

Sadly, his mental condition won. Chester ended it all on 20th July 2017. 

And to think Linkin Park music has saved thousands of youngsters in the world… 

6. Just A Thought – Gnarls Barkley 

CeeLo Green, one of Gnarls Barkley’s members, has stated that the idea of committing suicide has crossed his mind at some point. 

As the title implies, it’s nothing but a thought. 

Thinking about it once or twice is not dangerous, since many people have entertained the idea without trying it. 

However, you should be aware in case this thought is recurrent. 

There’re lots of professionals out there willing to provide aid, so ask for help if you think you need it. 

7. Everybody Hurts – R.E.M. 

An all-time classic in R.E.M.’s catalog. It appeared in the album Automatic for the People of 1992. 

Yet again a song that tries to prevent people from taking regrettable decisions. 

8. Suicide Solution – Ozzy Osbourne 

The topic of suicide is a bit tricky in this entry. 

The song narrates the struggles not with suicide, but with alcohol addiction

Suicide is slow with liquor.” It’s a metaphor to warn people about how deadly too much drinking can do to someone’s life. 

9. Don’t Try Suicide – Queen 

Queen delivered a fantastic message with simple words. 

Don’t try suicide / Nobody’s worth it / You need life / So don’t hang yourself” 

Suicide is far from being an easy-way-out choice. 

Don’t try it. You still have a lot to live for. 

10. Another Life – Iron Maiden 

Seems strange to find an Iron Maiden song on a suicide song list, don’t you think? 

Naturally, Maiden songs are generally based on literature pieces or historical events. 

Another Life, though, has a line that says it all: 

There’s a feeling that’s inside me, telling me to get away / But I’m so tired of living, I might as well end today” 

11. Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor – Eels 

Based on a real event that Eels’ member Mark Everett experienced. 

One day, Mark stepped into the bathroom and found her sister Liz lying on the floor, still breathing. She was trying to kill herself. 

Mark stopped her before it was too late. 

Unfortunately, Liz put her life at risk eight more times, succeeding at the ninth attempt. 

12. Candidate For Suicide – Hank Williams III 

Country musician Hank Williams III narrates a series of events that have led him to depression and isolation.  

13. Suicidal Thoughts – The Notorious B.I.G. 

There seems to be a big contrast between this song and the rest of the ones on the list. 

Most of them are about suicide prevention, suicide thoughts that perturb the musician, or stories based on real people who ended their lives. 

It seems that Suicidal Thoughts by The Notorious B.I.G. could fit into one of these categories, but it doesn’t. 

Biggie stated he was high on marihuana when writing this song. We can conclude, then, that it’s not based on anything biographical whatsoever. 

14. 10 Years Today – Bullet For My Valentine 

Frontman Matt Tuck lost one of his friends 10 years before writing this song. 

Guilt, regret, and grief are just some of the emotions that Matt felt after finding out his partner was gone. 

15. Jeremy – Pearl Jam 

16. Death By Rock N’ Roll – The Pretty Reckless 

17. Cemetery Drive – My Chemical Romance 

18. Fire and Rain – James Taylor 

19. Adam’s Song – Blink-182

20. Jumper – Third Eye Blind 

21. This Song Saved My Life – Simple Plan 

22. Before You Go – Lewis Capaldi 

23. Goodbye I’m Sorry – Jamestown Story 

24. You’re Only Human (Second Wind) – Billy Joel 

25. I Think I’m Going to Kill Myself – Elton John