23 Great Songs About Tennessee

Songs about Tennessee are undoubtedly going to be country. 

It’s a country song state that has Nashville which is the capital for all country artists and has the best recording labels for country artists. 

Every song on this list is going to be country or blues, except for Elvis Presley where the song is more of his style of rock and roll. 

1. Tennessee Homesick Blues – Dolly Parton

When you think of country and Tennessee, Ms. Dolly has to come to mind. 

An Icon in Tennessee, so there is no doubt she has a few songs about Tennessee. 

This particular song is about missing her Tennessee home and what it’s like to be from the state and what makes it so unique. 

2. Tennessee Stud – Johnny Cash

This song is about his Tennessee horse and it’s really just a good ol’ country song. 

It’s definitely an old-school taste, and this song has had a few versions but Johnny Cash made it his own version with his style. 

3. Back to Tennessee – Billy Ray Cyrus

Known for being one of his most famous songs, this is just a fun song that celebrates everything about Tennessee from its people to its history. 

This is a great song you have to listen to before visiting or while you’re visiting Tennessee.

4. Back Where I Come From – Kenny Chesney 

Another great country song is by a legend himself and he’s singing about his life growing up in Tennessee back then and how others make think of Tennessee differently but he’s proud to say that he’s from there.

5. Tennessee Rose – Emmylou Harris

A proud Tennessean, she sings about how she yearns for a Rose from her home state, how she’s struggled while being on the road away for months, and that no amount of money can take away her pride and joy of Tennessee.

6. Wrong side of Memphis – Trisha Yearwood

It may have been released almost 30 years ago but a lot of Tennesseans and those who love country music still consider this a big hit to this day. 

She captures and highlights all the good things about Tennessee from the people to its scenery. 

7. Tennessee Waltz – Patti Page

If you are from Tennessee then you know this song. 

Patti is singing about introducing her friend to a man she liked and she watched them dance away together. 

She sings about how her friend stole her sweetheart from her.

8. Girl Named Tennessee – Need to Breathe

The song is about how he’s dancing with a girl and realizing that he’s never danced that way before. 

He says in the song he’s not the marrying type but that the girl stole his heart, but at the end of the song he sings how she danced away his hopes and dreams because who she was he’ll never know. 

9. Rocky Top – Osborne Brothers

An absolute classical bluegrass song, and still a favorite for karaoke

They sing about their strong connection to their home state while they’re singing about Rocky Top Tennessee. 

10. Crazy Town – Jason Aldean

This song by the country singing superstar is about Tennessee and its “Crazy Town” experience you get when you visit. 

In his song you can really get the essence he is trying to sing about Tennessee. 

11. Tennessee – Arrested Development

12. Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton

13. Tennessee Song – Margo Price

14. Tennessee – Hans Zimmer

15. Memphis Tennessee – Johnny Rivers

16. Tennessee – Allan Rayman

17. Tennessee – Conner Smith

18. Tennessee – Drew Holcomb

19. Tennessee – Kiara

20. Too Tennessee – Chris Lane

21. Tennessee Love – Yelawolf

22. Tennessee Mountain Top – Kid Rock

23. Dixieland Delight – Alabama