13 Great Songs About Jennifer

How many Jennifers do you know? 

It’s not nearly as common today as it was about 25 years ago, but that doesn’t mean the name is no longer relevant. 

And it especially doesn’t mean there aren’t songs available to serenade or show some love to the Jennifers in your life

Here are 13 Jennifer songs that do just that:

1. Jennifer – Eurythmics

Pulled from the same album as “Sweet Dreams”, Jennifer offers a similar feel with a different sound. 

You can tell the song is Eurythmics right off the bat but this time we’re looking for Jennifer instead of discussing what Sweet Dreams are made of. 

2. Jennifer Juniper – Donovan

This 1968 classic was actually written for Jennifer Boyd, with Juniper being the name of the boutique she managed. 

The song is simple in pacing and the last verse is sung in French, so if you want to woo your Jennifer lady, I’d start with this song. 

3. Jennifer Eccles – The Hollies

In case the haircut didn’t give it away, The Hollies were a British group akin to The Beatles

This love song is about a boy getting approval from a judgmental father who won’t let him see Jennifer.

Clearly, this is about young love, and it’s adorable. 

4. Jennifer – Trinidad Cardona

In another love song about Jennifer, Trinidad Cardona paints a picture of a girl he wants to get with but she’s playing hard to get. 

The song is light, and would definitely classify as a slow jam, but the high-pitched vocals in the background are hit-and-miss. 

5.  Jennifer Shrugs – Salt Water Windows

This is a sad song, but not for Jennifer. 

The upbeat tempo tells the tale of Jennifer with her ex and how she literally just shrugs him off when he asks if she wants to stay together. 

She knows her heart is for someone else but the bow still hits hard, despite the music’s best intentions to also shrug it off. 

6. Jenny From The Block – Jennifer Lopez

The only Jennifer song on this list by a Jennifer, “Jenny From the Block” is Lopez speaking about her and Ben Affleck’s relationship (the first one, at least) and some of the trials and tribulations they went through. 

The song is catchy and has a solid beat to it but the frustration shown in the video between them isn’t a great look. 

7. Jennifer Castle – Daniel Romano

Also one of the more recent additions to the list, Daniel Romano eloquently puts together a song about living in chaos and finding a way to put yourself together no matter what. 

8. Jennifer’s Rabbit – Tom Paxton 

Tom Paxton wrote this folk song for his daughter, Jennifer, and describes how her rabbit can have fun with other animals

While it sounds lyrically like a children’s song, Tom shows his mastery by making a song everyone can enjoy. 

9. Jennifer Ever – The Smashing Pumpkins

Another song about a Jennifer looking for something more, The Smashing Pumpkins’ early 2000s sound makes it sound a lot more somber than Jennifer Shrugs. 

Like Jennifer Shrugs, there is a boy who doesn’t want Jennifer to go and she really is over him. 


10. Jennifer’s Jacket – The Presidents of the USA

This song is unlike any other on this list. 

It is less of a song and more of a telling with music behind it. 

Jennifer’s jacket is falling apart and she is still determined to wear it no matter what. 

It’s fun, it’s light, and it sounds like a song you’d listen to on a walk to go get ice cream.

11. Jennifer’s Veil – The Birthday Party 

This is a love story between Jennifer and Frankie, but the tone of the music and the voice singing is so desperate and longing that you can’t help but feel bad for what happened. 

Once again though, we see a Jennifer that couldn’t be in the relationship despite the best efforts of their partners at the time.  

12. Jennifer’s Gone – Wand

This song is probably the saddest on the list. 

We enter into a situation where Jennifer is already not around, and we don’t know where she is. 

She may be dead, or she may have just left, either way, she is not with us. 

Lyrically this song is just brutal, but the voice singing has an air of shakiness like they were just crying that just puts the mourning right over the top. 

13. Jennifer Goodbye – Dream Street

The last one on the list really doesn’t put Jennifers in a better light. 

This time, Dream Street is saying they’re done with Jennifer because she only comes by when she gets lonely or things are bad. 

Jennifer only wants comfort, not love, despite Dream Street wanting to give love to her. 

But enough is enough, we’ve done this dance too many times and it’s over. 

The song is slow and sad like a breakup, so it’s clear that despite taking the initiative, we aren’t happy about it. 

In Conclusion

The vast majority of these songs really put Jennifers in a position of change and transition out of relationships. 

Regardless of how or why, the pain they leave behind is the more important thing to focus on, for without pain, there would have been no love in the first place. 

Not all Jennifers are shrugging people off and are frustrated in their relationships, but all of them are loved enough to feel grief when they go away.