11 Great Songs About Losing Control

Sometimes things get out of hand and there’s nothing to do about it.

We all have been there, and it sucks, but losing control can also be a liberating feeling in some situations.

However it feels to you, it’s great to match the feeling with some great songs, so here I have 11 great songs about losing control curated for you.

1. Lose Control – MEDUZA, Becky Hill, Goodboys

To kick things off, MEDUZA comes with a banger.

The theme of this song I think is mostly confidence.

She’s not sure if she can completely trust the person she’s getting closer to.

Particularly, she asks if he or she could be the one to call when she loses control.

And this is something very relatable. You know they say that true friends are those who show up not only in the good moments but mostly during the darkest ones.

2. Self Control – Laura Branigan

What can I say about this 80s classic?

What an amazing tune!

Laura talks here about something or someone that takes her self-control away, especially at night.

And although the upbeat and apparent happy sound of the 80s, the lyrics for the song hide something darker.

She’s not happy with this lost control, and she even tries to fight it.

3. Lose Control – Missy Elliot, Ciara, Fatman Scoop

What a pump-up song this one is!

It’s music that makes you lose control here, and I agree with that.

You can’t really fight this beat.

You would be at least bobbing your head a few seconds into this song.

4. Control – Zoe Wees

Zoe here is fighting the sensation of losing control that probably some early trauma in her life left.

She thanks someone close to her for always being there when it hurt.

But even though it seems that the scars are just too deep, and it’s something that she has learned to live with.

5. Lose Control – Keri Hilson

This song is an invitation to meet and just lose control together.

You should listen rather than take my word for it.

Keri has a lot to say!

6. Lose Control – Timbaland, Jojo

Timbaland tells us in this one that because of the way his girl loves him, he thinks he might be losing control.

And that’s a feeling repeated across this list.

Love is really one of the most powerful forces, and it makes many of us lose control sometimes.

For better or for worse!

7. Control – Halsey

The main character in this song is having some kind of mental issue that makes her feel paranoid and not herself at all.

She goes out to describe exactly how she feels and how she is losing control of her acts and starts scaring people who care for her.

The question “Who is in control?” haunts this song.

8. Control – Playboy Carti

Carti sings here about a girl that makes him lose control.

Even when he says he can’t change his ways, he makes an exception for her.

He fell so bad for her that he says he would do anything she asks for.

Perhaps there’s not a lot of depth in this one, but it’s a great vibe, especially for the fans of the genre.

9. Self Control – Frank Ocean

Sometimes there’s a particular someone that makes us lose control.

In this case, Frank Ocean tells us a story where its protagonists both lose control when they are together.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

I’ll let you decide on this one.

10. Blackout – Scorpions

Blackout is a great short story about a guy who just wakes up a day after he fell asleep and he doesn’t remember anything.

He is just trying to remember and put things together about what seems to have been a really wild night.

11. MK Ultra – Muse

Last, but not least, we have this Muse song that comes with a different approach to losing control.

This tune talks about governments taking control away from the people.

Actually, MK Ultra was the codename for a project in the 70s in which the CIA was trying out ways to control the minds of their adversaries.

Luckily for us, there are no records of any success in that.