11 Best Songs About Jealousy [Updated 2023]

It’s hard to struggle with emotions. 

Although jealousy is a toxic feeling, it’s also a natural reaction. Remember, emotions are not to be judged but understood and controlled. 

As long as jealousy is kept under your command, you should not worry about it. 

With that said, here you have some of the most interesting songs about this uncomfortable emotion that everyone struggles with at one time in one’s life

Here we go! 

1. I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too – Reel Big Fish 

What can I say? The title already says it all. 

If the statement doesn’t feel strong enough, then it’s because you haven’t checked the lyrics: 

I don’t know what to do / Maybe I could kill you” 

Indeed, this song is not mere jealousy. It’s downhill toward obsession. 

2. My Best Friend’s Girl – The Cars 

This case is similar to the Reel Big Fish one. 

This time, however, there are two big differences. 

The first one is that My Best Friend’s Girl lyrics are not as neurotic as the Reel Big Fish one. You know, without murdering people because of jealousy.  

The second difference is that this jealousy comes from a different view: “she’s my best friend’s girl / But she used to be mine” 


3. Jealous Guy – John Lennon 

When discussing jealousy, the first thing we think about is, most probably, desiring someone else’s body. 

In other words, jealousy is at a sexual level. You either want someone else’s partner or are too insecure and fear losing yours because of not being enough.  

According to Yoko Ono, Lennon would feel jealousy not in a sexual way, but in a more “spiritual one.” 

John felt insecure regarding Yoko’s ability to speak another language (other than English). He was jealous that he couldn’t share Japanese with Yoko, as stated by the Beatle’s wife in Uncut magazine. 

4. No One Else – Weezer 

According to Weezerpedia (yes, that thing exists…), No One Else is about lead vocalist Rivers Cuomo’s emotions. 

He opened up about how much he obsessed over her girlfriend. 

Naturally, those insecurities lead to the creation of another great Weezer song: The World Has Turned

It’s about singer Rivers Cuomo again, this time wondering why her girlfriend has left him. 

There you go, pals. Learn to master your emotions to enjoy a healthy relationship. 

5. Satellite of Love – Lou Reed 

In Satellite of Love, Lou Reed narrates a story of a man sitting in front of his TV. 

He’s watching a live launching of a satellite that will go all its way up to Mars. 

All of a sudden, though, he faces her wife and tells her he has found out she has been cheating on him. 

The story ends there, but it leaves us wondering what the couple’s next move was. 

Did they break up? Did he forgive her? 

Did he move on? The answer is up to you. 

6. Mr. Brightside – The Killers 

Mr. Brightside is a song that everyone knows, and that’s saying a lot. 

The song is the result of singer Brandon Flowers discovering her girlfriend cheated on her. 

7. Green Is The Colour – Pink Floyd 

Envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned” 

And of course, green is the color related to jealousy. 

8. Lounge Act – Nirvana 

A great track coming off of Nevermind

As stated in Kurt Cobain’s biography, this song is about Bikini Kill’s drummer Tobi Vail, which was Cobain’s ex-girlfriend.  

Kurt dedicated the song to her. In a letter he never sent, Cobain wrote that he never plays Lounge Act, unless Courtney is around. 

Was it to make Courtney jealous? Was it to make Tobi Vail jealous? 

What do you think? 

9. Jealousy – Billy Fury 

Old but gold

This song is about repentance. Once again, a demonstration of how much jealousy can ruin someone’s relationship. 

10. Hey Jealousy – Gin Blossoms 

Gin Blossom’s guitarist Doug Hopkins wrote this song. 

It’s about his ex-girlfriend and an attempt to reconcile with her. 

Unfortunately, Doug was fired from the band not long after the group’s popularity skyrocketed. 

Hopkins was depressed and battling alcoholism. He committed suicide in 1993. 

11. You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift 

Last but not least, we’ve got a Taylor Swift song from the album Fearless

Swift stated that You Belong With Me is about wanting a man who is with the “wrong” girl – one that won’t appreciate him. 

As usual, a hot body is enough to have her partner under her thumb. But of course, relationships are not made solely on physical attraction.